About deterioration over time

We handle many used products. 
Regardless of how you use your equipment, it will naturally wear out and scratch the exterior.
handle  them as  aged deterioration.

The following items are all  subject to  aging.

Please note that we  cannot accept any support.
For smartphones / cell phones / tablets

LCD screen part

  1. Scratches and rubbing enough to withstand normal use (used B rank or higher is subject to guarantee on the main screen)
  2. Mild backlight loss and wear
  3. Model-specific color change (slightly yellow, etc.)
  4. Uneven brightness that can withstand normal use

Exterior part

  1. Color changes due to sunburn(yellowing, etc)
  2. Scratch scratches and corner scratches that you will notice while using (image is at the bottom)
  3. Missing or loose connector covers such as waterproof caps
  4. Battery cover loose, claw broken (excluding missing parts)
  5. Peel off to the extent that the original color is visible
  6. Those that can be held even if the hinge (movable part of the folding mobile phone) is loose
  7. Damage or dirt on the speaker unit

Input part

  1. Various buttons, difficulty of key operation, keystroke feeling (mild)
  2. Button, key shine, rubbing


  1. Battery consumption, reduced usage time when fully charged (except when charging is not possible)
  2. Other operating features within specifications published by manufacturers 

Scratch image

擦れキズのイメージ写真1 擦れキズのイメージ写真2 擦れキズのイメージ写真3