About product guarantee

About product guarantee

About warranty card   

The receipt or delivery note issued at the time of purchase is your warranty. Please do not lose it.

※ Receipts and delivery notes will be referred to as “Warranty” below. 

About warranty period

The warranty period includes the warranty period for each product.

If it is within the warranty period, we will exchange and refund for initial failure and malfunction.

However, it is not covered by the warranty if it falls under the warranty exclusion items shown in the other section.

Please be careful not to dispose of the warranty card and accessories that were in the set at the time of purchase.

The warranty period varies depending on the product condition that we define. Click here for warranty details after purchase.

Manufacturer warranty, varies by product.
Unused items (一部を除く)
Our 6-month warranty (Manufacturer repair is not available)
Used(A rank/ B rank/ C rank)
Our 3 months warranty

Product status is listed for each product. Click here for details on each status.

Warranty exclusion items

We cannot guarantee if the following items apply.

  1. Returns or exchanges at your convenience (no longer needed, different from image, etc.)
  2. If the warranty period has expired or the product has no warranty (such as junk)
  3. If the warranty card and accessories (boxes, instructions, cables, etc.) that came with the purchase are lost
  4. Failures caused by customer's intention, negligence, or inappropriate use (screen breaks or damage due to falling, submersion, virus infection, etc.)
  5. Power failure, lightning strike, and other disasters
  6. Failure due to modification (including software modification)
  7. Failure due to peripheral device connection or compatibility (breakage due to use of unsupported charging cable, damage to SIM slot due to use of SIM conversion, etc.)
  8. All phenomena due to product specifications (such as Dual-SIM standby for mobile phones)
  9. Phenomenon recognized by the manufacturer as normal (dots missing on liquid crystal display, color unevenness on organic EL display, burn-in, etc.)
  10. Any trouble with the battery (Because it is treated as a consumable item at our company. However, only smartphones, mobile phones, and tablets cannot be fully charged)
  11. Unlocking carrier SIM lock or after unlocking SIM
  12. Problems caused by the presence or absence of technical suitability marks on parallel imported mobile phones
  13. Communication failure due to radio wave conditions at each telecommunications company
  14. New contract with each telecommunications company, possibility of model change / trouble
  15. Contents of contracts with each telecommunications company and problems / troubles caused by various settings (communication charges were higher than expected)
  16. Bugs and defects due to OS updates, version updates, software and application installation
  17. All about software and application compatibility (for example, the application you want to use could not be used)
  18. Guarantee for direct and indirect damages incurred during custody for defect verification etc.
  19. Indirect damage caused by defective products (data cannot be retrieved, protective film is pasted, SIM unlocking fee has been paid, etc.)
  20.  If we were unable to confirm the problem

Warranty correspondence

  1. When an initial failure occurs, we will always respond after confirming the details of the failure.
  2. This is only possible at the store where you purchased the product. We cannot respond at other stores or offices.
  3. When responding, it is necessary to bring the product to the store where you purchased it. In that case, we cannot guarantee the transportation costs when visiting the store. (In the case of mail order, return to the mail order department)
  4.  In any case, we can not respond to visits, business trips, motorcycle flights etc
  5. We will respond quickly, but the same day may be difficult
  6. We may keep the product for a long time to identify the cause
  7. We cannot provide a replacement when you keep your product. The period of custody is also included in the warranty period
  8. As soon as the defect is confirmed, we will repair, exchange products, and refund (please contact the store where you purchased the product)
  9. The guaranteed amount is limited to the purchase price. If the exchange causes more than the purchase price, we will charge the difference separately.
  10. We cannot guarantee the data of apps, photos, phone books, etc. in the product.
  11. If you return the product due to the repair completion, etc., if you can not receive it even if you contact us, we will keep it for a maximum of one month from the support reception date
  12. If the period is exceeded, the customer is deemed to have waived the ownership and can be disposed of by us. 

Guarantee on network usage restrictions

Mobile phones sold in our shop are basically the products of the previous owner.(一部商品を除く)

In the unlikely event that the product you purchased has been restricted to use the network (the communication function has been disabled by a telecommunications company), please contact the telephone number on the delivery note.

As long as there is no missing item in the warranty card and accessories, we will provide a warranty regardless of the warranty period.

Click here for more information on the lifetime warranty against network restrictions.